The Endless Mission Privacy Policy

The Endless Mission is a game offered by E-Line Media (“we” or “us”). This policy covers how we treat the information we collect and receive from users of The Endless Mission (“users” or “you”). Our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable experience that complies with various privacy guidelines such as the United States Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the European Union General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

This Privacy Policy is effective as of August 21, 2019. In the future, the game or our practices may change. When we make changes related to privacy, we will revise this Privacy Policy to reflect the changes. We’ll post the updated version here. If we think the changes will significantly impact your use of the game or the treatment of information you have already provided, we will also notify you and ask that you review and consent to the new policy.

The terms “The Endless Mission,” the “game” or the “app” refer to the game The Endless Mission, including its various editions across all devices and platforms, as well as the game’s website located at

Summary of Our Privacy Practices

Though you should read this document in its entirety, there are a few points regarding privacy that we want to emphasize:

  • We do not collect more information from our users than is reasonably necessary to provide services and functionality they have chosen to use;
  • Though we do collect a limited amount of information about you under certain circumstances, we generally do not collect enough personal data to allow us to identify specific persons in the real world;
  • It is the nature of the game that certain features are designed as “community features.” Though we do not require you to share any personal information using these features -- and expressly advise you not to do so -- you should understand that any information you share using them is, by its nature, open and public.
  • With the exception of vendors we use to provide technological and fulfillment services, we never share our users’ personal data with third parties;
  • We do not use or share personal data for advertising purposes, including not using personal data to engage in so-called “behavioral advertising”;
  • At your request, we will provide you with a copy of the information we have about you, correct any errors in that information or remove it from our systems.

Information We Collect


We collect only the information specifically described in this Privacy Policy. We do ask for certain personal information -- specifically an email address -- in order to use the game. As our game is not intended for use by children under the age of 13 (16 in the European Union), we do not collect personal information from children.

Information you provide us with your consent

Account Creation: When you create your user account, we ask for and collect an email address. We will only use this address for communication directly related to The Endless Mission, and every email we send will have clear opt-out instructions. Furthermore, we will never share these email addresses with any third party.

Support Requests: You may have the option of providing us with an email address in the event you initiate a support request. If you provide us with an email address in this situation, we will only use it to contact you with regard to your support request and will remove it from our system at your request.

Information We Track

When you use different features of the game, our automated software and tools may collect certain information for the purposes of supporting our internal operations and improving the game, as described below, for example crash logs; IP address; device capabilities; geolocation information (at the city/state level); and information about what parts of the game you have accessed, how much time was spent on each screen, etc.).


In common with many websites, places small files known as “cookies” on users’ machines. Cookies provide a convenient experience for our users, keeping track of user identities as they navigate to different parts of a website.

We may allow third parties to place and read their own cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to collect information.

For the best experience, we recommend that you allow your web browser to accept cookies from It is possible to configure your web browser not to accept cookies, but this may cause some features of the website not to work properly.

How we use the information we collect

Generally, we use the information we collect to enable game features; respond to your requests and provide customer service; ask for your input and feedback on what we are doing; and provide personalized services and recommendations. The ways in which we use particular pieces of information are detailed in the ‘Information we collect’ section of this Privacy Policy.

We use non-personal, anonymized and aggregated data to support our internal operations, for example improving the quality and design of the game; and to create new features, promotions, and services by storing, tracking, and analyzing user preferences and trends.

Unless you request that we remove it, we store the information we collect indefinitely.

Other factors affecting your privacy

Community Features

By its nature, the game is inherently social and includes features designed to allow users to interact and share content (“Community Features”). Examples of Community Features include online chat, forums and the ability to create and share user generated content such as original games.

You are not required to use Community Features, and are advised not to share any personal information using Community Features. You should understand, however, that any information you share using Community Features may be visible to other users of the game and to our staff, vendors and partners. Accordingly, you should have no expectation of privacy regarding information you share using Community Features.

Vendors and Partners

As part of our regular business conduct, we may securely share information with organizations or individuals providing services or acting on our behalf, such as companies providing payment processing, technological or fulfillment services. When we engage with a vendor in this way, we take steps to insure that the vendor treats your personal information in a manner consistent with our own privacy practices.

Outside of these circumstances, we never share your personal data with third parties. This includes not sharing your personal data with third parties for commercial or advertising purposes like engaging in so-called “behavioral advertising.”

Occasionally, we may share non-personal, anonymized or aggregate data with third parties such as sponsors or academic researchers. In these circumstances, we only share data in ways that do not result in the third parties obtaining our users’ personal data.

Third-Party Services

As a convenience to our users, we may provide access or links to, or integrations with, third-party sites, services and content through the game, for example to social networks; or services provided by your device manufacturer, gaming platform, digital marketplace, device vendor or operating system provider (collectively “third-party services”). Those third-party services may be able to collect information about you, including information about your activity in the game, and they may notify your connections about your use of the game, in accordance with their own privacy policies and the third-party features you elect to use.

Whether the third-party service appears within our game (such as in an embedded video player), or you leave our game to access the service, the third party is in control of and independently produces, maintains, and monitors their content and services. When you use a third-party service, you are subject to the third party’s terms of use and privacy policies. You should review the privacy policies of third-party services, as their policies may differ from ours. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the privacy practices of third parties.

Legal and Regulatory Matters

It is our policy to protect you from having your privacy violated through abuse of the legal system, whether by individuals, entities or government, and to contest claims that we believe to be invalid under applicable law. However, it is also our policy to cooperate with lawful demands. Accordingly, we reserve the right to disclose any information about you to government, law enforcement officials or private parties as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary to satisfy or comply with any applicable law, regulation or legal process or to respond to lawful requests, including subpoenas, warrants or court orders.

The Security of Your Information

We use reasonable measures to protect the information that we collect from or about you (including your personal information) from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Please be aware, however, that no method of transmitting information over the Internet or storing information is completely secure. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of any information.

Viewing, changing, correcting and removing information we have about you

You may obtain a complete record of any personal data we have about you by submitting a request to If, upon your review, you determine that your personal data is incorrect or incomplete, you may notify us of the issue at and we will correct the errant data.

You may withdraw your consent to provide us with any personal data you have previously consented to provide us with and request that it be removed from our system by submitting a request to At the time you make the deletion request, you may also obtain a copy of your personal data by so indicating along with the deletion request. If you make a deletion request, we will remove the personal data from our live system and disable your user account. Please note that due to technical, legal and regulatory requirements, your personal data may persist in archives and backups even after we have removed it from the live system.

Data breaches

In the event of a data breach in which we have reason to believe that personal data was compromised in a manner that could harm our users, we will notify the affected users promptly once we become aware of the breach, generally within 72 hours. This will include notification to the affected users via email and/or in-game messaging where available. These notifications will describe the nature and scope of the breach; the risks and potential consequences of the breach; the steps we are taking to address the breach and mitigate its adverse effects on our users; and how users can obtain more information.

Right to file a complaint

Depending on your location, you may have a right to file a complaint with a government or other regulatory agency concerning our privacy practices or the handling of data about you.

How to contact us

If you have questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact us via email at or at:

The Endless Mission
c/o E-Line Media
4340 E Indian School Road
Suite 21-595
Phoenix, AZ 85018